Project Partners


Yasar University was established in 2001 as a foundation university by one of Turkey’s leading corporate groups, Yasar Holding, located in Izmir, Turkey. With its  global approach to research and education by international partnerships, projects, strong links  with business sector and other universities, yasar University is an ideal environment for research, personal development and learning by its 7 faculties (Law, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Engineering, Communication, Art and Design, Science and Letters, Architecture), 2 graduate schools, 1 vocational school and 1 EU Research Center. It has 7586 students and English is the medium of instruction for most of the programmes. The university develops and participates in EU projects under different EU Programmes, organizes seminars, trainings and certificate programmes on EU specific matters, supports the mobilization of students and academics for exchange of knowledge with various EU universities and research centers. The EU Center has participated in nearly 54 different EU projects as coordinator and partner, developed around 187 partnership agreements with 26 EU countries under Erasmus programme and has cooperation with several European countries by its international projects and activities. Yasar University has been awarded by the European Commission as one of the “Erasmus Success Stories” in 2010 and also 2012 with its 11 Erasmus/Intensive Programme projects. It has also been awarded with “Diploma Supplement Label” in 2011 and “ECTS Label” in 2012.


The non-profit arts management company BEARTIVE, is a small company of seven, founded in January 2013, with the aim to organize concerts and multidisciplinary events that combine speech, music, movement and visual expression.

As a company oriented towards the design, production and coordination of cultural events and projects, BEΑRTIVE has as priority to enrich the Arts through the research of new ways of expression and the relation of music along with other performing arts and creativity in general. BEARTIVE aims to develop, modernize and upgrade the educational and artistic level in Greece and support of young artists and teachers in the field of world music. The company’s aim is to foster, promote and disseminate all forms and expressions of the art of music, as well as highlighting the importance of music as a social cohesive factor in the national, European and global cultural field.

The company is collaborating closely with agencies, organizations, individual artists and music ensembles in Greece and abroad by undertaking the planning, coordination and/or artistic direction of cultural events.

The company plans to raise public awareness, to facilitate access and participation in cultural life. The promotion of cultural dialogue and mutual knowledge of the musical culture of the European peoples, the promotion of the common European musical heritage, but also the encouragement of intercultural dialogue between European and non-European cultures. For these reasons the company’s activities expanded to other countries such as the European Union, the Balkans, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea and include collaborations with institutions, public or private, and homologous associations in these countries and in others.


The Conservatorio di Musica “E. F. Dall’Abaco” of Verona, is a state institution of Higher Education working in the field of music. It was officially established in 1968 from the merging of various important music schools in the city. Alongside approximately 200 students doing bachelor’s and master’s degrees, there are also around 400 younger students engaged in pre-College training.

In addition to the 1st- and 2nd-cycle (bachelor’s and master’s) courses in the traditional areas of study (classical instruments, vocal training, composition, jazz, new technologies), the Conservatory of Verona has an internationally renowned Early Music Department (violin, viola, cello, viola da gamba, flute, oboe, bassoon, harp, lute, harpsichord, voice) and an innovative course of specialization in Music Therapy. Through the affiliated “Verona Opera Academy” it also offers annual Masters that address the various professions connected to the opera industry (composition, dramaturgy, stage direction, scenography, costumes, conducting, conducting from the harpsichord). International and European collaboration plays a central role in the Conservatory’s mission. At present the school has around fifty European partner institutions and boasts a consolidated history of mobility (students, teachers, administrative staff) both within the Erasmus programme and in other contexts. Recently the European Commission included the Conservatory of Verona among the twenty “Erasmus success stories” for the year 2012. The school promotes innovative European projects in a variety of fields: chamber and ensemble music, early music, composition, music technology and interdisciplinary activities. And it is committed to forging stronger links between the curriculum and the wider requirements of the work market, by focusing on innovation and competitiveness and by developing a wide network of placements and internships.


The Department of Music was established in Corfu in October 1992. The Department of Music is unique in that it offers a full programme of study in areas of performance and research which are rare in Greece. These are in Early Music, Orchestral Conducting, Choral Conducting, Organ, Jazz, Electroacouctic Music and Music Therapy. It is also, currently, the only Music Department in Greece with a comprehensive programme of study and the infrastructure of a Music Academy at both undergraduate and graduate level. The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) to which the Department adheres, allows students to move between major music institutions in Europe freely. The degrees awarded by the department are considered equivalent to those awarded by European and American Institutions, Conservatories, Music Academies and University Music Departments.


CIT Cork School of Music has many award-winning bands, chamber music ensembles, choirs, drama groups, opera groups, and orchestras – with the senior ones undertaking extensive national and international tours, broadcasting, and making commercial recordings.

Located within the centre of Cork City overlooking the River Lee, this five story 12,000 sq.m., building functions as a centre of musical excellence locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Central to the architect’s concept are the themes of ‘collegiality’ balanced with the requirements of speechless teaching.

The school accommodates music tuition studios; a 450 seat rehearsal hall; ‘black box’ theatre; staff and student common rooms; music library; live recording suite with ProTools HD; AudioLab; drama suite; staff boardrooms; administrative offices; flat floor classrooms and raked lecture theatres. All rooms contain at least one computer unit, while others contain 20.

The heart of the building is a public concourse that connects the teaching, performance and administrative spaces. The school is built on the grounds of the old school and has been specifically developed for the site taking consideration of its urban context and to make a dramatic contribution to the urban realm of Cork City.

Many of the spaces utilise ‘box within box’ construction. The design detailing isolates the floating floors, walls, ceilings, services and acoustic glazing, from the primary masonry structure.


The Abat Oliba CEU University of Barcelona is one of the three universities promoted by the San Pablo CEU Foundation, inspired by the Catholic Association of Propagandists. For this very reason and since its founding, our university’s main aspiration and determination is to create a university community in the full sense of the word: a community of knowledge capable of providing our society with professionals who have academic excellence criteria and who will implicate themselves in the common good and the search for the truth.

From its foundation in 2003, the Abat Oliba CEU University has wanted to adapt its planning and resources to the demands of the European Higher Education Area, assuming the challenge of anticipating and including in its study plans some aspects that would have to be necessarily incorporated with the introduction of the new Degrees. Therefore, in our university, we have been familiar with the permanent connection between teachers and students, the working methods, the continuous evaluation and  the introduction of innovative teaching resources for many years.

This hasn’t prevented us from emphasizing our determination in the instruments that have always characterized the CEU university institutions. In particular, we have wanted to provide our students’ tutorial sessions with their own criteria as a means of academic guidance, as well as a way to deepen the comprehensive intellectual education of the students with the sights set on their professional future.

For this very reason, our students have the opportunity to do internships in the most prestigious companies, offices and institutions in Barcelona, and can be part of a university with international presence through agreements that allow them to study in other European and American universities.

The Abat Oliba CEU University doesn’t just provide an excellent academic offer, but also provides the student with the chance to receive an invaluable integral formation that will prepare him to properly face his professional and personal challenges with his own solid criteria.


EGECED is a non-profit association founded by the professionals from education field (teachers, trainers, academicians, managers and supervisors). Members of EGECED are part of a network of schools which include general, vocational and special education schools. It is a network of schools.

EGECED has a broad reach to special education local schools in primary and secondary level and also cooperation with universities. The objectives of EGECED are to gather the professionals who work in the area of the education to contribute to the improvement of the quality of education and to introduce modern applications into education system, to contribute to the development of sustainable exchange between educational professionals in Turkey and Europe.