Hugh Ward-Perkins

Hugh Ward-Perkins was born in Rome, graduated in Medieval History and Italian Literature at the University of Oxford and obtained diplomas in both organ and harpsichord at the Conservatoires of Bolzano and Ferrara respectively. He has performed (mainly as a harpsichordist in early music ensembles) and done research (in the field of Renaissance and Baroque music). For many years he has taught history of music in Italian conservatories. From 2008 to 2014 he was director of the Conservatory of Verona.

He is particularly interested in certain themes that he considers to be essential for the survival and growth of artistic training in today’s world: the role of musicians in the 21st century; the interdisciplinary collaboration between Higher Education Institutions (universities, conservatoires and academies); and the importance of European and international relations.

With the assistance of European colleagues he has created Verona Risuona (, a ground-breaking interdisciplinary public spaces event active since 2007. Together with colleagues from other European arts academies he has coordinated the European projects S.A.C.S. (Sound Art in City Spaces, 2008-2011, and I.I.C.S. (Interdisciplinary Involvement and Community Spaces, 2012-2012,