Dr. Dimitra Trypani

Dimitra Trypani is a composer and an academic practitioner. She is currently a Lecturer in Music Theory and Composition with Interdisciplinary Practices at the Department of Music Studies of Ionian University in Corfu, Greece.

She studied Composition at the University of Edinburgh with Nigel Osborne and Greek Literature at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. As a composer, she has had several collaborations with well-known orchestras, ensembles and soloists in Greece and abroad (the Camerata String Orchestra, the Orchestra of Colours, Athens String Quartet, Piandaemonium Ensemble, pianist Thodoris Tzovanakis and singer Savina Yannatou, among others). She is the artistic director and main composer of The NQR Ensemble. She has taught in various academic institutions in both the UK and Greece (The University of Edinburgh; RCSSD in London; The University of Cumbria; The American College of Thessaloniki; The University of Macedonia). As well as composing and teaching, she has been leading workshops on music creation, composition and interdisciplinary performance practices.

As a composer and performer she is focused on the application of polyrhythms and contemporary compositional techniques combined with interdisciplinary procedures, towards the creation of music performances, which incorporate strong visual as well as movement elements.

As an educator she has been exploring the combinatory use of rhythm, voice and movement in relation to ear training, in order to develop alternative and – optimistically thinking – engaging practical ways to unblock essential areas in the wider field of her students’ hearing perception.

Together with her academic responsibilities, she has also recently re-established and is running the Contemporary Music Ensemble of the Department of Music Studies “Portativ”, as well as assisting in matters of academic development and strategies.