Transnational Project Meetings


  • Financial rules and management of the project (Budget, contract rules and supporting documents)
    • Project Management and Implementation
    • Transnational Project Meetings
    • Intellectual Outputs
    • Multiplier Events
    • Travels
    • Subsistence
    • Linguistic Report
    • Special Needs
    • Exceptional Costs
  • Project overview: The content of the Omega Project has been reviewed. The Project has been constructed on 6 workpackage of implementation. Each workpackage defined clearly.
  • Overview of the work plan: The content of the OMEGA book chapters has been determined.


  • Progress Report has been presented at the beginning of conference.
  • IKSEV has decided to withdraw from the project due to their overwork.
  • Each Partner has presented their own chapter for the course book.
  • An introduction will be written by all the partners for the course book.
  • The sequence of the book chapters has been changed.
  • The aim of the intensive course has been explained. Syllabus of the course will be made for 12 weeks. The design of the intensive course has been decided.
  • Design of the Comparative Country Analysis has been decided.
  • Business Network Activities and Case Studies
  • Outline of the international conference has been discussed.


  • Project Overview (Time Table and Progress)
  • Country Analysis on Business –Art Cooperation (Structure, Content and Work Plan): Comparative country analysis could be used during the course and the final conference (a separate session during the conference)
    • Objective: Gathering the good practices in each country as an appendix to the book.
  • Art and Music Students in Business Course Module: It will be structured as 3 hour sessions for 14 weeks, totaling 42 hours. Chapters of OMEGA book will have the following distribution:

Creating Documents: 2 Sessions, 6 hours in total
Soft Skills: 2 Sessions, 6 hours in total
Marketing: 3 Sessions, 9 hours in total
Business: 2 Sessions, 6 hours in total
Project Management: 5 Sessions, 15 hours in total

  • Intensive Programme Planning: Daily programme has been determined. Financial Rules and practical information regarding the Intensive Programme were shared with the Project Partners. Detailed information packages will be shared with the partners on the first week of February 2016.
  • Final Conference on Business and Art Cooperation: Students will be interns for minimum of 3 days. The duration of the internship will be determined by their home institution. The internship doesn’t have to be in a company, it can be a NGO or an activity/festival.